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Carpark floor, Sydney

1 Apr

Carpark floor, Sydney

Converted carpark in Pyrmont, Sydney

The squares are left over from the previous use of the building. I love that these squares used to mean something, but have been discarded and painted over, driven over, had oil spilled on them.

Click on the picture to see an item from my Etsy shop which continues on this aesthetic!


Coconut-wood button rings

27 Mar

Alphitomancy took a ‘business’ trip to Sydney recently and stopped by the fabulous Buttons Buttons Buttons shop at The Rocks. While there, we fell in love with these coconut-wood buttons and went a bit mad buying them.

Each button is slightly different, because of the nature of the material. There are some lines, different colours on the back and creases which gives each one a unique character.

They are the most gorgeous buttons ever, and I couldn’t resist! I’ve been making them into rings and wearing them with simple monochrome dresses to work. I’m selling them for $11-16AUD on my Etsy site.