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Mod tartan

8 Jun


I love love love this wool tartan! I think it’s a bit stylish, and maybe even a little mod? I bought it in Edinburgh last year on holiday, and have kept it, waiting and looking and hoping for just the right pattern.

I think I’ve found that pattern!

I’m going to use it to make a coat to wear over my wedding dress. It’s a vintage Vogue pattern from the 1950s, v2934. It’s got dolman sleeves, and sits around the waist line. I’m so excited!

I love the chequered mod look, I drew upon it for my mod style button ring. The ring is my most popular creation, and now comes in two sizes of tops.




Carpark floor, Sydney

1 Apr

Carpark floor, Sydney

Converted carpark in Pyrmont, Sydney

The squares are left over from the previous use of the building. I love that these squares used to mean something, but have been discarded and painted over, driven over, had oil spilled on them.

Click on the picture to see an item from my Etsy shop which continues on this aesthetic!