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Alphitomancy is taking a short break

16 Aug

While we relocate to the United Kingdom, Alphitomancy is going on holiday! I’ll be back in September with new jewellery, cards, stickers and more.

I can’t wait to be inspired by our new surroundings! My email address is in the contact page of this site, so if you’d like to get in contact, please feel free to drop me an email.



Autumn leaves

17 Apr

Autumn leaves

Gorgeous red autumn leaves at their most vibrant. We are, at the moment, in that one week when the leaves are at their most beautiful before they turn brown and fall to the ground.

This time is great for short scarves and cowls, and for changing the wardrobe over to the warmer items (and finding your coats again).

There are a couple of items in my Etsy shop which are perfect for this time of year. One is the hand-knitted chocolate brown cowl with wooden buttons – the wool is naturally that colour – and the other is the zig-zag coconut wood button ring. Check them out at

Hand-knitted naturally coloured chocolate brown cowl

Hand-knitted naturally coloured chocolate brown cowl

Coconut wood button ring with zig-zag pattern - gorgeous for autumn!

Coconut wood button ring with zig-zag pattern – gorgeous for autumn!


Carpark floor, Sydney

1 Apr

Carpark floor, Sydney

Converted carpark in Pyrmont, Sydney

The squares are left over from the previous use of the building. I love that these squares used to mean something, but have been discarded and painted over, driven over, had oil spilled on them.

Click on the picture to see an item from my Etsy shop which continues on this aesthetic!

Coconut-wood button rings

27 Mar

Alphitomancy took a ‘business’ trip to Sydney recently and stopped by the fabulous Buttons Buttons Buttons shop at The Rocks. While there, we fell in love with these coconut-wood buttons and went a bit mad buying them.

Each button is slightly different, because of the nature of the material. There are some lines, different colours on the back and creases which gives each one a unique character.

They are the most gorgeous buttons ever, and I couldn’t resist! I’ve been making them into rings and wearing them with simple monochrome dresses to work. I’m selling them for $11-16AUD on my Etsy site.




26 Mar




a means of divination using special cakes that are said to have a pleasant taste only for persons with a clear conscience.

[French alphitomantie, from Greek alphitomantis a diviner who used barley meal, from Greek alphiton barley meal]Image

‘alphitomancy’ is the best word I know, and not just because it has something to do with cake. It is a link to a past which is filled with absurd, odd, unexpected things.


Am I an alphitomancer? No. Although sometimes my cakes don’t work out, so I might use that as an excuse and predict a terrible future for someone.


I started the shop because I like fiddling around with buttons and craft supplies, and they are mounting up around the place.